Ted Fitzpatrick Miller holds 1 Bachelors and 2 Masters degrees from UCLA -- Military Sciences and Biology, Modern European History and Architecture and Urban Planning. Also went foreward into the realm of the USAF.
Currently working in the field of IT, website design and computer graphics, Ted must have inherited the 'Jeep Madness' from his father, who drove a Willys Jeep in the 1950's  - hence his obcession with Jeeps, and Jeep grilles. Likewise, there exists an inordinate knowledge of USAF Jets and other flying things. HTML programming and piloting fuses with true Jeepin', eh?

Mixing Art and Jets and Jeeps is akin to weldin' iron with olive oil.
He also takes to music like a moth to a flame - Acoustics and sonics are among the favorite experiences of Ted.

"Art is a reflection on the headlights, so go off the beaten path . . .and shine.'

Ideally, Ted would live in a garage and not in a house. 
There would be a huge kitchen as well as a forum for friends and 
a lot of computer equipment, as well as discussions about light.

Ted is  webmaster for the largest Jeep Webrings and designer for the largest collection of Jeep and Military graphics on the internet.
Ted holds the responsibility dearly and wishes to promote goodwill,
fellowship and a sense of Jeepin' Community across the world.

MOAB next year . . .Ted is a shaved-headed cueball, resembling Yul Brenner in 'The King and I'.

This Site is not endorsed nor promoted by the US DOD, US Military Branch or any US or foreign Military entity whatsoever.
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